Sunshine Foods Market

1115 Main St  St Helena, CA  94574

Open 7:30am to 8:30pm  - 7 days per week 

Miles and I started Charbay back in 1983.  We ferment and distill an assortment of wines, ports, spirits (vodkas, rums, whiskey, pastis, liqueurs) and now, even tequila! Small releases that find their way around the world because of friends sharing with friends.

Miles, a 12th generation European winemaker & Master Distiller, has always been a maverick in his field. Now his enthusiasm and wisdom fuels son Marko as generation 13. Marko & his wife, Jenni, add a fresh spark to all that Charbay stands for.

Enjoy the Charbay Spirit!      
Susan & Miles, Marko & Jenni, Dana, Mark, John and Mark

Charbay Wine

Every bottle shares a bit of history. In the fall, the aroma of fermenting wine fills the crisp Spring Mountain air.

Since we are family-owned and operated, we all take turns doing ‘pump overs.’ Our Cabernets spend 18-24 months in French Oak barrels. The Port stays longer. Expect mellow complexity, easy drinkability and a long, smooth finish. We call that: 'Miles’ Style'. Miles and Marko match the brandy we distill to the fresh grape juice for the new ports.

From generation to generation, our family has been handcrafting wines & spirits. In 1983 we began our California chapter carrying on the family tradition. As artisans, we release our bottles when they are ready to drink, not before.
Do they age well? Yes, they continue to relax into velvety smoothness.


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