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Meat & Seafood Department

Meat Department

We offer a large array of USDA Prime grade beef as well as Wagyu which will be rich in flavor and delightfully tender every time. From the ranches of Creekstone Farms, we are able to offer you a full selection of natural beef that is raised in an environmentally sustainable fashion with a husbandry line that is second to none.

Creekstone Farms logo
A picture of Steaks with rosemary, tomatoes & salt.
A logo for HeartBrand Beef.

Our pork comes to us from the folks at Beeler's Pork with six generations of excellence in raising swine. Beeler hogs are raised humanely, and are only fed a strict vegetarian diet.  Ensuring a safe wholesome meal for your family.  We also carry Snake River Farms Purebred Berkshire Kurobuta pork products that are the "prime" of pork, range fed

New Zealand Lamb , domestic Colorado Lamb and milk fed veal from Wisconsin.

Beeler's Pork Logo
Raw Pork Chips with  juniper berries
The logo for Snake River Farms.
Lamb Cutlet with Rosemary
New Zealand Fresh Lamb Logo

Our poultry selection features Liberty Ducks from Sonoma, and chicken from the well known Rocky and Rosie Chicken Company in Petaluma

Our Sausage is hand cut, using all natural ingredients from Caggiano Sausage Company in Petaluma as well as a few house made bulk sausages just for fun.

A picture of the Rosie Organic Chicken logo.
Chicken Breast meat on cutting board with herbs
A picture of the Sonoma Country Poultry Logo.
pork sausage on cutting board with knife, fresh tomatoes, rosemary
A picture of the Caggiano Sausage Company Logo.

Seafood Department

Our Seafood department was created with the main ideas of freshness, sustainability, and quality in mind. 

Fresh fish is delivered to us 2 times per day, 6 days per week from local companies as well as flown in direct from the docks of Hawaii.

fresh raw fish on ice
Red Lobster on ice with lemon wedge


For Same Day Needs Please Call The Store (707) 963-7070

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