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Produce Department

image of Produce employee stacking oranges

We carry a wide selection

of conventional & organic seasonal produce.

From Apples to Zucchini, we've got it!

Our Produce department prides itself on having the freshest produce around.

We gather our produce from 3 different companies to ensure product availabilty and freshness.

Emma, our produce manager starts at 2:00am to inspect

every incoming case of produce. If it does not meet

her high standard of quality, it is refused on the spot and sent back.

This way you can be assured you are getting the freshest produce possible.

It's no wonder why so many local chefs shop at Sunshine Foods for quality produce.

If you're ever looking for that unusually hard to find produce item, let us know what you need,

and we can try to track it down for you.

crate of winter vegetables
A picture of the Earls Organic Produce Logo.

Earl's Organic Produce is the sole 100% certified organic handler located at the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market. We're passionate about organic produce, our growers, and our customers. 

A picture of the North Bay Produce Logo
Fresh Green Kale

North Bay Produce is a cooperative of more than 32 grower-owners from North, Central, and South America, producing fresh fruits and vegetables year-round – from asparagus to apples, berries, snow & sugar snap peas. 

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